Welcome to Navlife dips.

Here items are put up for sale and you can nominate to purchase an item by putting in a dip. This works like a raffle where you purchase a dip for the advertised amount and once we have the numbers to total the value of the item it gets drawn via computer.

Example: There is an item valued at $90, plus $10 postage giving a total of $100. The dip price is $5 so we need 20 people to purchase a dip to make the total of $100. The item then gets drawn and the winner effectively gets the prize for $5.


Rules & Guidelines

  1. ALL buyers (dippers) MUST have an active Paypal account or Credit Card to be able to join in.
  2. You must register with this website so you can be notified of your purchases and the status of each Dip.
  3. Dips are open to Australian residence ONLY.
  4. You will receive confirmation via email once you have completed your purchase for your dip/s.
  5. Once dip numbers are allocated to make up that total required the item will be drawn automatically via the system.
  6. If the item does not make numbers over the given time period all dippers will be refunded or (see 7).
  7. Navlife reserves the right to extend the period of the dip item if all dips are not sold.
  8. Winners will be published here: https://www.facebook.com/NavlifePromotions/
  9. “Valued at” Price includes shipping Australia wide
  10. Navlife reserves the right to charge extra shipping costs to remote areas to cover the cost of shipping to those areas.
  11. Once a winner is selected the dip will be automatically moved to past finished dips and the winner will be notified by email.
  12. We do not offer interest free for the purchase of dip tickets.

Current Dips Available

Please Note: We do not offer interest free for the purchase of Dip Tickets.

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